A Lazy Way to Control Craving

by Rachel Miller

December 23, 2022

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When having a craving for something you don’t want to crave, it can feel like a struggle of willpower trying to resist the temptation of “giving in” to this craving.

Try this instead:

  • Make yourself lazy:
    • Instead of trying to resist and hold back, focus on not moving at all.
    • Don’t get up off the couch, don’t walk to the bar for the second drink.

  • Make it inconvenient or, better yet, near impossible, to obtain it:
    • What can you do that will prevent you from getting close to obtaining that thing?
    • Don’t bring your credit card, don’t walk downstairs.

  • Focus on inaction rather than action.
    • What can you not do?
    • Make it more comfortable to not move toward that craving. Get more comfortable on the couch. Put your feet up. Grab a blanket.
    • Focus on just not moving for this one minute. Do this one minute at a time, until your next meal, or bedtime, or the craving passes.


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