A Natural Method for Happiness

by Rachel Miller

April 22, 2022

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When you feel an inclination towards something, you want to fulfill it immediately. It’s almost instinctual. “I feel like having a…,” and we get that thing. Or, “I want a coffee today,” and we go buy it. Whatever we think, feel, and want—if it’s affordable, achievable, and convenient at the moment—we grant it.

We grant our wishes as often as possible, almost without thinking. “It’s not bad,” we think—and it probably isn’t! But, what if it’s not about “good” or “bad,” but what makes us most happy? What if a different response would make us happier instead?


  • The more often you choose to defer immediate desires to a later time—not fulfilling every immediate impulse—the more happier you become. The more you get used to experiencing want and not fulfilling it, the more happy you are. If we want to maximize our happiness, we have to train ourselves to wait.

  • It’s not about the desire itself but about what you are trying to fulfill. What need, what reward, what gain you are seeking through this one thing? From chocolate to money to product to object—what are you really looking to gain? That is the question you need to ask. And answering that question allows you to move in the right direction to fulfill that happiness you are seeking. It allows you to work and strive to fulfill that desire in the most lasting and effective way. What do you really want?

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