Experience a New High

by Rachel Miller

June 25, 2021

There’s a new high to be found — and it’s in radical, full-fledged, audacious living. It’s in that bold, almost stupid propulsion toward what scares you, intimidates you.

It’s letting your aversion be your guide because it’s more interesting, enchanting, and rewarding than the mundane, predictable outcomes of doing what you feel. What you most want to avoid, you seek out. What you least feel like doing, you move towards.

You’re bold, reckless, wild, and crazy when you defy your feelings. And that’s where the real high, the real fun, lies.

Do what you want to avoid:

  • Write down 3 things that scare you—something you’ve been avoiding or find challenging to let go or face — things that you most do not want to do today. Do those things today—experience the crazy high that follows.

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