A Reliable Way to Prevent Fatigue and Improve Performance

by Rachel Miller

January 25, 2022

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You know those many small decisions you make throughout the day? Do I want to eat this or that? Should I wear this or that? Should I buy this or not? All these little decisions can leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. What if you used decision-making as a means to prevent exhaustion, instead?


  • When you find your mind returning to that same thought, same thing, over and over again. Take notice. This is draining your energy. Try this:
    • Schedule a time to think about that thing later: set a time, place, and duration.
    • Each time it comes to mind, delegate thinking or deciding about that thing until the scheduled time

  • Alternatively, just make a decision and stick with it! Time spent wondering, deliberating, ruminating, drains energy from other things, more important things later. You have a limited reserve of energy. Ask yourself:

    • What might this be taking my energy away from? What more important decisions, demands, actions are required of me later on today?
    • Is this thing worth the cost in energy? Is there a choice that can be made now?
    • Remember you won’t have all the answers, you won’t have a perfect plan. Whatever happens, there will still be unknowns, disappointment, and obstacles to navigate. Make the best choice with the information you have and conserve your energy for the things that make the greatest impact on your life: your goals, commitments, and endeavours.

  • Most of the decisions we make are not that important–what we should eat, wear, buy–usually, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Ask yourself: Is this a big decision or a small decision? Will this matter in 5 years? No? Don’t waste your energy on it!

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