When You’re Exhausted

by Rachel Miller

December 7, 2021

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When you are well-rested, fed, and still, you feel tired. When your head is foggy, your eyes are heavy, and you feel like you have no energy for what you want to do. When you are tempted to give in “just for today” because it feels harder than usual. When you feel this way, even the smallest of tasks can feel impossible.


  • One hour is all you need. Focus on just this one hour before you. You don’t need to feel energized or motivated. All you need is a speck of intention to bring your best effort, knowing that you can do anything for just one hour. You can conquer this one thing, one moment at a time, for one hour.

  • Use this experience to remind your future self that this feeling is normal–and it doesn’t mean anything! Days like this happen where you feel exhausted, you feel like you can’t do it, but when you show up anyway, you discover that you are more capable than you imagined. Create a mental portfolio, of sorts, so you can look back and remember you what you accomplished when you really didn’t feel like you could–sometimes, it’s some of your best work! All you have to do is conquer this one moment alone. One moment, one thing, for just one hour.


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