About Me

My name is Rachel Miller.


I am naturally a lazy, pervasively distracted, and insecure person with addiction, anxiety, and shame. These inclinations are still part of me now, and will always be a part of me,  but they no longer hold the power they used to. They are no longer attached to who I am.


In the past few years, I have gained a grounding sense of control that has enabled me to confront the greatest barriers and conflicts in my life—those things that keep you trapped, those thorns in your side, those deep-rooted pains and vices in your life. The things I never thought I’d have the courage or power to overcome, I am grateful to say, no longer entrap me. It’s liberating.


I have gained a renewed relationship with myself, one where I am no longer my greatest critic and enemy but my greatest ally, strength, and support. Through this, I have been able to achieve goals that I never thought possible. I have learned how to shorten the duration and intensity of stress, conflict, and pain in my life and learn how to be happier and at ease—regardless of circumstance.


We are told too often that “people don’t change” and “that’s just the way they are.” That you’re born a certain way and that’s how you’ll live, and there’s no other option. That those things that you crave, the things that you like, the way that you think—those same tendencies, feelings, struggles—those things cannot be changed.


What angers me is that this is not true. We don’t have to accept ourselves as we are. We can create ourselves as we desire. I have experienced this first hand. I wish I could convey how true this is: if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for anyone. It is possible to re-design yourself, your mind, and your life–even if you don’t want to yet. The habits, the things you like, the way you are–it’s all malleable.




  • What does your ideal life look like?
  • What is standing in your way from it being like that now?
  • When do you feel your best? Most confident? Proud of yourself?
  • What stands in your way of experiencing that now? 
  • When do you feel most happy?
  • What stands in your way of feeling that way daily?



Through The Collective Mind, I seek to explore these questions. I hope to empower others to create more desirable experiences in their lives and offer perspectives to make happiness easier. I hope through reading these posts; you’ll recognize that we all share the same kind of mind, each ingrained with its own unique and ongoing tendencies, thoughts, feelings, and challenges. And we can use this shared connection to empower us—to remind us that we share a collective mind through our human experiences.


These posts are designed as short, 1-2 minute reads to enable you to quickly navigate mental challenges and barriers, whether it’s an unwanted emotion, feeling or experience, or an unexpected, challenging circumstance, and to help you get back to feeling good again; to lessen the intensity or duration of discomfort and change how you think, at will. In short: to empower you to feel good more often and experience unhappiness less often.  


If you want to know more, please feel free to ask me a question by contacting me through email thecollectivemind@gmail.com or Instagram. I love getting feedback and questions. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy!


 – Rachel 

More on The Collective Mind:

The one question that guides my thinking and writing is this:
"How do I live happier, more often, and unhappy, less often?"


  • The Collective Mind is “collective” because it stems from ideas that are not new, and likewise, neither are the experiences from which they arise. We all share a common human connection, and in some way, we share many of the same experiences and ideas too.
  • This is my collection of tools and ideas that I have found to be transformative for change in my life. Gleaned from my own and others’ experiences, I write these down, like a collection of mental recipes, of sorts, to remember what works and what doesn’t. As challenges arise, I rely on these time and time again to employ the most effective response to obtain the most desired outcome.
  • Everything you read here is a simple reminder to myself. I share these with you out of the deep understanding and belief that, being human, we all share similar experiences. These are lessons I’m learning navigating this thought-world of being human. I hope you find something of interest, or maybe learn something from it. Either way, I hope you enjoy!