Accomplish More with Less Stress and More Ease

by Rachel Miller

January 4, 2022

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Some days it feels like you are constantly behind, you can’t keep up, and things keep mounting on top of your already large pile of responsibilities. You try to fit it all in, but you can’t. Some days you won’t accomplish everything you set out to do—this is a fact. But you can always accomplish what you most need without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

We feel like we are being productive by multitasking–by thinking about the next thing while engaged in the first, but we’re not. Even the slightest glance forward hinders our progress. And even the briefest thought to the next task brings a feeling of pressure and overwhelm. What if there was a way to accomplish more with less stress?

Try an Experiment:

  • Next time you have several things to do, try things differently. Instead of rushing to do 3 things, consider how can I do this one thing well? Consider what is most essential right now? Focus on that one thing alone, then move on to the next task.

  • Give this one task your undivided attention. Hyperfocus on this one task until completion.

  • Each time your thoughts wonder forward or backward, bring them back to the present action. It will be a challenge to keep yourself focused. You will want to rush. You will want to move on to different things. Keep bringing your focus back to the action before you as if it’s the only task required of you. You won’t feel like you are being productive, but you will achieve something better: greater efficiency and a sense of ease. It’s fascinating how much more how productive you can be with less stress and no overhwlem! Consider, why not play around with it and see what happens?

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