When You Doubt

by Rachel Miller

November 30, 2021

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When you have those days where doubt seems to linger more readily in your mind. Where you feel less confident than usual. Sometimes it lasts for days, weeks–it feels like a mental wall you can’t seem to move beyond. How do you move forward with all those doubts, fears? Some, very real. How do you succeed?


  • Choose to think only on the best possible outcome. Regardless of the odds stacked against you. Regardless of the time constraints. You will feel the pressure. That’s normal. It’s just part of how these things feel–it doesn’t mean anything. Keep bringing your thoughts back to this one task before you.

  • You will still feel doubt, fear–that’s OK. Don’t let the feelings distract you. Keep directing your focus back to the single action required of you to achieve the result you want. Focus on the action and the outcome will take care of itself.

  • When you’re feeling this way, doubting, insecure, you’ll want to act hastily. All the more, it’s essential to take your time. Take a moment to centre yourself. Gather all your thoughts and focus and bring them to this single point in time. This single task before you. Focus all that energy into this one thing alone. Then, act.

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