Create Your Ideal Normal

by admin_tcm

August 6, 2021

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If you could choose to enjoy anything, what would you choose? If you could choose anything you want, with no loss in satisfaction, what would that be? What would you want, ideally, if you could choose?

What’s fascinating is this: you can learn to enjoy anything you choose. You can adapt and adopt new desires, new pleasures, new means of satisfaction. You can create a new normal that produces greater fulfillment than your present normal provides.

Change your desires into what you want to enjoy:

  • If what you presently enjoy isn’t providing you 100% satisfaction, change it! Change it to something that provides a greater return on fulfillment and yields a more desirable outcome. Choose that thing you want to enjoy. Perhaps you don’t like the thing now—That’s OK. Trick yourself into liking it. Ease yourself into it. It will amaze you how quickly you adapt; how something you once didn’t enjoy, you now effortlessly and genuinely choose because you enjoy it.
  • Remember slow, small changes. That’s how you adapt to new desires. Slow, small changes, until next thing you know, you’ve created a new, improved normal—next thing you know, you’ve changed.

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