Moving Forward After a Setback

by admin_tcm

July 23, 2021

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It’s hardest to come back after a setback. It’s hardest to stand there before yourself and God, if you will, declaring you are worthy, ready, and able to take on the day, not to disappoint–to succeed–when you feel that deep sense of disappointment in yourself, in the pit of your stomach.

How can you face the day anew with the aftertaste of failed expectations? How can you feel confident to succeed in your endeavours? How can you bring your best when you don’t feel capable to be your best?

  • The very fact that you want more, and know you are capable of more, means you are worthy. The very fact that you are standing here now, thinking these things, feeling these things–wanting better–means you are the best person for the job; it means you care. The very fact that you desire to bring your best to the table is the absolute only thing that matters right now. And it’s sure enough to depend on.

  • It’s in this moment that you demonstrate your value. It’s what you demonstrate now that matters. Yesterday’s actions are meaningless, powerless–they are mere words. Your action, your intention, now is what matters. It’s your best demonstration of success.

  • Remember, this present moment is the best predictor of future success. Keep your focus on what you can do right now—what you are doing right now. Focus deeply and solely on this moment alone and remind yourself that you are worthy. What you are doing now demonstrates that you are worthy and capable to succeed.

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