An Easy Way to Make a Bad Day Worthwhile

by Rachel Miller

January 28, 2022

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Some days you feel less than your best. You feel frustrated with your lack of progress. It’s discouraging. You just want to give up. Don’t write it off just yet!


  • Maybe today isn’t your best. That’s OK.
    • Consider, what could you do today to make tomorrow a little easier?
    • What would optimize your focus and ability to perform your best tomorrow?

  • It’s easy on these days to want to brush things off until the next day–I’ll do it tomorrow. Consider, tomorrow, you’re not going to feel like either! Why increase the demands on yourself? Why make things harder?

  • Do one small thing to make tomorrow easier instead: set up items for your morning routine, write out a plan for your day. Small, simple, thoughtful actions.
    • Use today to give yourself the best chance of success tomorrow.
    • Do something that will make your tomorrow’s self grateful to your present self for taking the time and thought to make things easier.

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Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes! This works great. Bite sized tasks that still make you feel you’ve accomplished something. 😊

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