Exercise: When You’re Excited About Something

by Rachel Miller

November 25, 2022

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When you’re excited, it’s easy to let yourself go with the flow of good feelings and emotions.


  • This is the best time to practice getting better at your emotions:
    • Excitement is your time to practice getting better at anxiety and stress.
    • When it feels good, when it’s easy, is the best time to practice your skills.

  • Focus aggressively on what you’re doing right now.
    • If you’re talking with someone:
      • Focus deeply on what they are saying.
    • In whatever you are doing:
      • Focus on the details
      • Give it your full attention.

  • It will be harder to focus. This is normal. To make it easier:
    • Give yourself a short time frame: 5-30 minutes for different tasks.
    • It will get easier with practice.

  • Respond to anxiety and excitement the same:
    • Aggressively focus on right now.
    • Practice when you’re feeling good, and you’ll find it that much easier to calm yourself when you’re stressed or anxious.

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