An Unusually Effective Response to Negativity

by Rachel Miller

October 15, 2021

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The negative thoughts are always there, lying low beneath the surface. They will probably always be there, popping up from time to time. They creep up in the most unexpected ways. In the most inopportune times.

Don’t let them freak you out. Don’t let them bother you. They are normal. They are just a feeling. A familiar feeling that comes and goes, and it will come back again–and that’s OK. Nod and smile at the familiarity of the thing, “Oh, there you are again,” and continue on as planned.

Try an Experiment:

  • Notice the tendency to linger on something, to ruminate on something that makes you feel tense, annoyed, or frustrated.
  • Nod and smile at familiarity of this experience. Here is this negativity showing up, once again, trying to ruin your plans, your vibes. Acknowledge the challenge before you, the odd seduction of indulging this thinking, and remind yourself of your intended aim. What do you want? What experience do you want right now? What kind of day do you want?
  • Consider, this is one small moment in your entire day; it doens’t define anything. The negativity will come and go, and it will come back again–just nod, smile, and let it pass. Focus forward on your intended aim, and continue on as planned.

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  1. Edie Jamieson says:

    Love the balloons; they compliment this post nicely! “Nod and smile at the familiarity of the thing…” Love it!

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