An Unusual Way to Achieve Your Nutrition Goals

by Rachel Miller

January 7, 2022

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When it comes to diet-based goals, whether that’s eating healthier, getting stronger, or leaner, you will absolutely face resistance. At times, it will feel like an uphill battle. It can feel like a daily battle of resisting, avoiding, and forcing yourself to do this thing or that—it can be exhausting!

You will always face resistance, but does it have to be hard all the time? Is there a way to make it easier to achieve your goals rather than brute force and willpower alone?


The mind and the body are connected. What you feed one, affects the other. Use this to your advantage!

  • Proactively feed your mind what fills you, nourishes you, and energizes you. Those things that invigorate your being. Those things that you wish you had time for, but rarely have time for–prioritize time for those things.

  • When you fill your mind with what is most essential to your wellbeing and happiness, it carries over to every aspect in your life. You don’t face the same struggle or desire for those things that don’t satisfy you, because you’re already fulfilled. Everything feels a bit easier, because you’re already satisfied.

  • Consider: what are you neglecting? What have you been neglecting? What do you wish you had more time for? Prioritize time for what is most important to you–make it essential like your happiness and goals depend on it (because they do!). See if you don’t find you have more energy, more ease, to make the decisions that move you in line with your goals.

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