When You Fail to Meet Your Expectations

by Rachel Miller

September 16, 2022

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When things don’t go according to plan, it’s easy to get pulled into that low-mind state of “whoa-is-me” and to look only at the things that are wrong. When you notice this negative thinking, stop yourself. Pause for a moment.


  • What is one thing that went really well today? What is working? What is going well right now? Make a list of everything going right.

  • Now consider:
    • What is one thing you can do right now?
    • What will best set you up to make it through this challenge?
    • Ignore all other “needs” and make this priority your sole focus.

  • Remember, small improvements win over time.
    • What is one thing you can focus on excelling at today? Just one.
    • Use yesterday’s insights to help your progress today.
    • Focus on one small thing you can succeed in today to set you up for success tomorrow. There’s no pressure for perfection, just progression one step at a time.

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