Calm Your Thoughts and Quiet Your Mind

by Rachel Miller

February 11, 2022

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When you have so many different things running through your mind at the same time–the “should do’s,” the “need to do’s” of your life–it can feel like you are being pulled in different directions. How do you regain control of your thoughts and mind?


It’s easy to let your mind chase every thought that arises. It’s actually easier to worry, to stress than to not. What’s harder and more effective is choosing to focus only on what is necessary right now. To not let your mind wander freely.

When your mind is jumping from one thing to the next, try this:

  • Take a moment and write down all the things on your mind. Every single thought, idea, task, or need.

  • Ask yourself: what is essential right now? What tasks and demands can be moved to another time or day, less rushed? What other options are there? Be open to change plans. Now might not be the best time to complete this task. Consider also, you aren’t the only one capable of completing this task–allow someone else to do it. Delegate or ask for help.

  • Schedule each task and demand for specific days and times. Schedule time for those things that require extra planning.

  • Once you’ve determined what is essential for today, cross everything else off your list. Focus on what is most essential right now, then move to the next then–one task at a time.

  • Each time you have a thought, concern, or worry arise, delegate it to its specified time.

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