Get Better at Discomfort

by Rachel Miller

May 14, 2021

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How often do we go about our day avoiding discomfort? Hunger, fatigue—day in and day out, we rush to eliminate discomfort, and we are rewarded in return with comfort. Yet, each time we do, we further reinforce that comfort is good and discomfort is bad.

But, discomfort is normal, necessary, and our aversion to it holds us back. Can you train yourself to view discomfort as something desirable? How do you make discomfort comfortable?

Become intrigued:

  • Be curious in discomfort: when you feel that first wave of aversion towards something uncomfortable—a decision or a task before you—get curious. Consider, why do you have that aversion towards this thing? 
  • Consider: what lies beyond this feeling, this fear, this hesitation? Become intrigued by the possibilities.
  • Do the thing that you least feel like doing. Use this as your cue. Consider each decision: which is scarier? Which do you have an initial aversion towards? Do that thing.

Each time you choose discomfort, it will get a little bit easier. You will further ingrain a knowledge that discomfort is normal, and it doesn’t dictate your actions. It will always feel challenging at the moment. You won’t want to do it. But let this ignite your interest. Allow your curiosity to move you. There’s a sense of discovery that can be found in doing the thing you least feel like doing.

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