Consider the Desires of Your Future Self

by Rachel Miller

April 23, 2021

When you want something that you don’t really want, don’t want to want, consider, what will you want one hour from now?

You don’t need to look so far into the future. It’s hard to perceive the gratification you will experience one month from now; it’s hard to really picture what it will feel like, but, you know how you will feel an hour from now. You know what decision will lead to the most desired result. You know which decision won’t. Consider what it is that you really want. I mean, what will you want or wish you had an hour from now? What will really satisfy?

When you want something that you don’t need:

  • Remember, the pleasure of something is always temporary, and the same is true for desire. No matter how much you want this one thing—no matter how strong the inclination—in an hour or two, you’re going to want something else. Choose to fulfill that desire instead of this one. Look ahead to an hour from now. What will be important to you then?
  • Choose the desire you want to want. Focus on that thing. Remember, in an hour from now, you are going to just as strongly desire that thing. Focus on that thing now. Reward your future self. 


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