When You Feel Impulsive

by Rachel Miller

November 18, 2022

ABOVE :Erik Skof

Some days we feel more impulsive than others. Sometimes it can feel almost painful to resist. You want it now. You need it.


  • Pause for a second and observe how intense this feeling is:
    • You want this NOW.
    • Recall how it always feels this way: intense, never subtle.
    • It’s is always strong, pressing, urgent, full of reasons WHY you NEED this right now.

  • Use this familiarity to remind you: This is how it always feels.
    • It’s not really about the thing itself. It’s not about what you want or what you’re doing.
    • This feeling is just the way that it always feels.

  • Remind yourself what you can control: your response. Ask yourself:
    • What you know will make you most satisfied overall?
    • What do you know deep down is the best response right now?
    • Remind yourself that impulse always feels more powerful, but your response is stronger–and like all things, it gets stronger with practice. Try an experiment, and respond how you want to respond. Use this as an opportunity to practice.


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