Create More Happiness

by Rachel Miller

June 14, 2022

ABOVE : Joshua Hoehne

Sometimes you find yourself wanting to do something, but when it comes time for the actual doing, you don’t feel like it any longer. There never seems to be the right time or circumstances to make it happen.


  • Choose what you want before you feel like it. Make the choice and definitively choose the time and place before it happens:
    • You want to spend more time outside? Choose when and what you will do, and know you will likely not feel like it that day, but afterwards, you will be glad you did. “Sunday morning, after breakfast, I will…” and follow through.
    • You want to work on that project that’s been on your mind for months? Commit to a time, even if just for 5 minutes. “Today, at 4 pm, I will…” and follow through.

  • Happiness is in the doing, not in the feeling like doing. Every time you do what you want to do before you feel like doing it, you create more happiness. Happiness is possible every day when you don’t need to wait to feel a certain way to create it.

  • What do you want to do but you never seem to feel like doing? You don’t have to wait. Choose what you want before you feel like it, and know that you will feel happy later as a result.


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