Do Important Things Without Stress

by Rachel Miller

July 29, 2022

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It’s interesting how easily we justify our stress and unhappiness when it comes to working–especially work that we feel is “good” or helps others. We undertake an “important” task all of a sudden; it’s OK to rush, to stress, to worry. It’s like we feel it’s OK to stress if it’s for a good cause.


  • Even when it feels like a good and honourable thing to rush towards, remember, now is the time to be happy. Now is the only place you can be happy.

  • Pause and ask yourself: What small part of this moment do you appreciate? What small detail can you appreciate? What will you look back on one day and miss about this moment? What small comfort exists here?

  • Happiness only exists in the present, and if you’re doing something that you feel is good, honourable, or in service to others, what other way to work than in a relaxed and grateful state? What is the point if we are unhappy, stressed, and rushing through it? What, really, are we providing if we are stressed and unhappy while doing it? Pause, reflect, and find one small thing you can appreciate in this moment.

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