When an Important Task is Stressful

by Rachel Miller

July 29, 2022

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Sometimes it can feel like it’s OK to be stressed if it’s for a good cause, or if we are doing it for someone else or an important endeavour.


  • The more important the task, the more important it is to not stress or rush.
    • If you’re doing something that you feel is good, honourable, or in service to others, what other way is there to work than in a relaxed and grateful state?
    • What is the point if you are unhappy, stressed, and rushing through it?
    • If you’re not happy, stop.

  • When you notice you’re stressed or tense, stop:
    • Are you rushing? Stressed?
    • Do what you need to reset your mind and relax your body, and then continue on with the task before you.
    • Check in with yourself and take short breaks as needed to relax.

  • Remind yourself that the best results happen when you enjoy the process. Continually check in with yourself:
    • Are you relaxed, calm, happy?
    • What small detail can you appreciate right now?
    • What aspect of this do you enjoy?
    • What feels good right now?

What small comfort exists here?

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