Feeling Unmotivated

by Rachel Miller

April 19, 2022

ABOVE : Kelsey Chance

Sometimes you want to do something, but when the time comes, you don’t feel like it anymore: you’re tired, it’s been a long week, or you just don’t feel motivated.


  • Remember who you are apart from the demands and responsibilities of your life. When all the tasks are put aside, who are you at your core? Adventurous, curious, eager–wanting to enjoy life.

  • This life is meant to be lived. Anything that holds you back is not you, but your physical, mental limitations. Life is meant to be learned, explored, enjoyed–immerse yourself in it!

  • In the moment, it always feels this way. Yes, you’re tired, but aren’t you always? Do you ever really feel like it in the moment? Consider this as an opportunity to get more out of life. To enjoy, explore, and live more fully. Go out and do it anyway just to see what happens to your energy and joy. Take a small risk and find out.

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