Conquer This Moment

by Rachel Miller

August 3, 2021

ABOVE :Wilhelm Gunkel

Each moment we are more than capable of conquering. Each minute we can handle with finesse and ease. It’s when we look ahead and behind that we become overwhelmed. If we can just slow ourselves down to this moment and look at this one small task before us—this word, this breath, this action—it’s manageable. We find reprieve. More than that, we find joy.

There is joy in work and doing. The problem is we are often not doing when we are doing—we’re thinking, rushing, preoccupied with the next thing while doing the first, or the last thing while doing the present thing. We’re stressed. If we can make the present our main focus for just this moment, doesn’t that make more sense? To focus solely on what you are engaged in, what’s directly before you—thought and mind—and delegate thinking about the next thing to a later time? It sounds so simple. It sounds like something we already do, but we often don’t.

Immerse yourself completely in the present:

  • Dive into the task at hand. Immerse yourself in the details: the subtle motions, the formation of movements, the rhythm of action, the breath, the flow. Immerse yourself completely–body and mind.
  • Each time your mind goes backward or forward to another task or time, prompt yourself to bring it back to “now”– this breathe, this motion–through attentive, deliberate, and purposeful action.


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