Easy is Better

by Rachel Miller

August 26, 2022

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We live in a culture and environment that endorses working hard and STRIVING to get things done and get what we want. But is there a better way?


  • Trying harder doesn’t always achieve better results. Often, our obsession and fixation on achieving a specific result gets in our way. We know how to do it and what we need to do, but we aren’t letting it happen. We are standing in our way by focusing on the RESULT instead of what we are doing. We are so worried about the outcome that we aren’t allowing ourselves to breathe, relax, and let it come through naturally, as it will.

  • It’s hard to relax and let go, especially when you want something to happen. It feels like you’re doing less by stepping back and not trying to make it happen, but really you’re doing exactly what you need. When you’re relaxed, everything flows smoothly: your thoughts, ideas, your body. You’re less frustrated and fatigued and can focus on what you need. The answers, the movements, the things you need to get what you want to be done come through easily when you step back, let go and allow it to come through on its own.

  • Check-in with yourself throughout the day. Notice those signs of increased tension when you’re working on a task: shoulders tense, feeling stressed, working hastily. Pause, breathe, and actively relax your body. If what you’re doing isn’t working, don’t force yourself to push through; if you’re hitting mental roadblocks, step away and come back. Work with yourself–don’t force yourself–and see if you notice how much easier it is to achieve the result you want.

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