When You Feel Like You Need a Drink

by Rachel Miller

November 4, 2022

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With so many things on the go, it’s easy to reach for the first thing to make us feel better: that drink, that food item, that soothing distraction.

When you suddenly feel that rush of urgency to consume or do something to relax, turn off your mind, or to feel better—or when you suddenly think, “I need a drink,” pause for a moment.


  • What else would make you feel calm?

  • Notice your environment. Notice contributing factors to why you feel this way:
    • Bright lights
    • Noise
    • Your tea sitting cold on the table that you didn’t take the time to drink because you’ve been so busy.
    • The pile of dishes sitting in your sink.
    • What is one thing you could do right now or change in your environment that would make you feel better?

  • Before you do anything else, pause for a moment and ask yourself:
    • When have I felt this way before? What helped to make me feel better?
    • What is one thing I could do or try?
    • What would I definitely not regret doing?

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