Engrave New Natural Tendencies

by Rachel Miller

October 19, 2021

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Here’s what’s interesting:
I am naturally inclined toward failure, doubt, and fear. I am naturally inclined to give in and give up before a challenge is completed. What feels natural to me doesn’t often serve my best interests.

Here’s what’s promising:
What is natural is malleable. Nothing is set in stone. We can carve into our being new natural inclinations. We ultimately have the ability to design ourselves how we want by whittling down, through repeated action, the habits and behaviours of our choosing.


  • The path of least resistance is not fixed. We can create new paths that become easy and natural over time. Whittle away new, natural ways of being. Carve desired behaviours into your routine that create a new path of least resistance–a path of your design.

  • It will be hard–that’s OK. The return is exceedingly well worth the price. It’s like setting yourself up for early retirement. Make it easy on your future self by ingraining the behaviours needed to make your desired choices second nature. Choose your desired habits in advance. Put the work in now so that it is effortless later.

  • Habits make habits make habits. It won’t always feel challenging. It will be hard in the beginning, but like all habits, it becomes automated with time. Whittle down daily, one small action at a time. With repeated action, you create new grooves—new natural inclinations—and it becomes easier and easier to choose in line with your desired way of living. It becomes easier to become who you want–to experience the person and life you ultimately desire.

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