Enjoy Things More Fully

by Rachel Miller

October 28, 2022

ABOVE : Ernesto Carrazana

When something make us we feel good, we want the feeling to last forever. We want to feel this way every day, all day. But, we know it won’t, so sometimes we try to make it last longer or we get worried and upset thinking about it being over.


  • Don’t confuse a momentary pleasure as normal. Don’t confuse the pleasure from external experiences—substance, situation, circumstance or things–as how you should feel every hour of the day. Notice when you sense yourself expecting or hoping for that feeling to last forever. Remind yourself that it’s temporary.

  • Don’t try to make the experience last longer than it does. Accept moments of temporary pleasure and let go easily when the pleasure fades. Accept the “high” graciously and let it go easily. Caffeine, alcohol, social moments, sugar, successes, and celebrations—the pleasure is temporary. Enjoy them thoroughly in the moment they provide and let them go easily as the pleasure fades.

  • Train yourself to enjoy pleasure while it lasts and let go easily as it passes. You enjoy a beer with friends and want another—learn to enjoy that moment while it lasted, and let go easily to enjoy the next. Practice releasing pleasure with ease. When we enjoy and release pleasure easily, we enjoy those moments more thoroughly; we avoid the sharp downturn of feelings, knowing it’s temporary and knowing another opportunity will come again soon.

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