Exercise: Increase Fulfillment

by Rachel Miller

April 5, 2022

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When you feel most distracted and want to do everything other than what you planned, think of this distraction as preventing you from happiness.

Distractions are so hard to ignore because they offer so much enjoyment! They are often good things: we’re learning something new, trying to improve an aspect of our lives–but they keep us from contentment.

Anything that keeps us from doing what we most need to do in the present moment will not be fulfilling, even if it’s a good thing.


  • When you feel the most resistance towards what you planned and need to do, act immediately. Be impulsive. Rip off the bandaid.

  • The moment you close that browser, or put your phone away, and focus on that priority item, the tension will fade. It only feels challenging and painful because you’re sitting in indecision.

  • Picture this feeling of resistance as a signal pointing towards what will be most satisfying.
    • Think of this is your opportunity to experience more fulfillment. That thing you keep putting off, don’t feel like doing, or tell yourself you’ll do tomorrow–that is what you need to do to enjoy today thoroughly.
    • The more excuses you find yourself making for not doing something, the more value to gain in doing it.
    • Use that feeling of resistance as your signal pointing towards what you need to do to feel more fulfilled.

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