Experience More Fulfillment

by Rachel Miller

April 5, 2022

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When you feel most distracted, most wanting to do everything other than what you planned to do. Consider this feeling as blocking you from what would be most rewarding to do—what would provide the most happiness.


  • When you feel the most resistance towards something you planned and, deep down, want to do, this is when you most need to act. Be impulsive. Rip off the bandaid.

  • This distraction says nothing about your ability to focus—you only feel this way now because you’re avoiding what you most need to do to feel fulfilled.

  • The more excuses you find yourself making for not doing something, the more value to gain in doing it. This is your opportunity to experience more fulfillment: doing that thing. That thing you keep putting off, never seem to have time for, don’t feel like doing when the opportunity arises– notice that resistance and use it as your cue: this is your opportunity to feel more fulfilled.

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