When You Don’t Feel Like It

by Rachel Miller

May 10, 2022

ABOVE : Sven Mieke

We naturally resist doing things that will hurt or cause us discomfort. Even when we know it will be for our benefit. Here’s something I’ve found helpful to make it easier to do those hard things to get the desired result.


  • When you don’t feel like doing something:
    • Tell yourself: Don’t judge, just do.
    • You will start imagining how uncomfortable it will be, or how much you don’t feel like it. Stop yourself.
    • Look at this not as “good” or “bad” but just what it is: something you’re going to do and get done.

  • Step forward body-first–without analyzing it.
    • Regardless of how you look at it, it’s getting done. So, why create more agony for yourself? Why worry about how hard it will be?
    • Rip off the bandaid and do it.

  • Notice how much energy and anguish you save when you just do it without worrying about how it will feel.
    • Don’t judge; just do.
    • Practice this to make it a habit mindset.

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