Fear Less and Act Confidently

by Rachel Miller

April 12, 2022

ABOVE : Fethi Bouhaouchine

Sometimes, you want to do something, but fear holds you back.


  • You only fear this certain worst-possible outcome because you value things around it: say for instance, you worry about looking stupid, or your concerned what others will say about you. The only reason why you fear is because you value what those people think.

  • To eliminate the fear, eliminate the value placed on that thing. Choose not to prize the opinion of that person. Choose not to value that outcome. Why care? Why not don’t care instead?

  • Choose not to care and you eliminate the fear. Once you decide not to care, act immediately. The more you think on it, the more you will second-guess yourself. Rip off the bandaid–the tension, the stress, and the worrying will fade as soon as you act.

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