Feel Better About a Tough Decision

by Rachel Miller

March 15, 2022

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Some decisions are unsettling. There are very real consequences to consider. It’s stressful! How to know the right decision to make? How do you decide without worrying about the outcome?


  • Look back to a decision you made in the past. One where you were worried about the outcome. The costs were great and you took the leap anyway. You jumped right in–even with lingering doubt. Consider how you are so grateful now you made that decision. Could this decision be one of those? Anything worthwhile involves costs. Any impactful decision will have risk. What are the costs of not going forward? What is the potential gain?

  • Regardless of the outcome, you can make this decision work in your favour. You can’t know the outcome, so focus on controlling what you can: your perspective, your intention. Choose to make this decision impactful. Decide now to make this the best decision you’ve made and it will be.

  • It always feels this way—uncertainty, doubt—with any important decision:
    • Do the prep work. Prepare for the possible consequences, the unintended challenges. There will be many unknowns along the way.
    • Recall past decisions. In the moment of decision you always feel doubt, but you always pull through. No matter the uncertainty, in the moment of action, you always know what to do. Deep down, even now, you already know the answer. You’ve been through this before, and you can do this again. No matter the outcome you will adapt. You always do.

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