How to Feel Competent and Confident Again

by Rachel Miller

March 1, 2022

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When you have one of those weeks where you feel scatter-brained and distracted like you’ve gotten off track. Where you feel frustrated with yourself, and you second-guess your ability to accomplish what you need. How do you get back to feeling competent again?

Consider trying this:

  • Forget all the demands and tasks and obligations on your mind. Forget yesterday. Forget later on today. Forget tomorrow.

  • Pause for ten seconds and just sit still for a moment. Don’t actively think about anything. Just notice what you experience and feel: your body, any pain or sensations that arise.

  • Immerse your attention completely in this experience: this breath, this sensation. Ask yourself:
    • What do I need most right now?
    • What need have you been neglecting?
    • Do you feel like you’ve been chasing, trying to keep up with some need of yesterday or tomorrow?
    • Have your thoughts been absorbed in what you need to do and accomplish?

  • You don’t don’t suffer a lack of ability, but a lack of focus.
    • Every time your thoughts are focused on tomorrows goal or yesterday’s results, you’re preventing yourself from effectively accomplishing what needs to be done.
    • Feeling confident doesn’t lie in obtaining some ideal, but making small accomplishments now.
    • Put the blinders on and focus fully on what is most important right now.

Forget yesterday. Forget tomorrow. Forget your goals.

Ask yourself: What is most important right now?

Zero in and focus completely on the present action before you.

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