Feel Competent and Confident Again

by Rachel Miller

March 1, 2022

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When you have one of those weeks where you feel scatter-brained and distracted like you’ve gotten off track. Where you feel frustrated with yourself, and you second-guess your ability to accomplish what you set out to do. How do you get back to feeling competent again?

Consider trying this:

  • Forget yesterday. Forget later on today. Forget tomorrow. Forget all the demands and tasks and obligations on your mind.

  • Pause for ten seconds and just sit still for a moment. Don’t actively think about anything. Just notice what you experience and feel: your body, any pain or sensations that arise. Immerse your attention completely in this very moment: this breath, this sensation. Ask yourself: What do I need most right now?

    • Perhaps, it’s just this: to sit still for a moment. Focusing your thoughts in the present. What have you been neglecting?
    • Consider how often your thoughts are focused on the future, the past, always trying to keep up, trying to meet some ideal of yesterday or tomorrow. How often we find ourselves chasing, trying to maintain or obtain some level of happiness based on tomorrow’s or yesterday’s standards. No wonder we are left feeling defeated!

  • Forget your goal–have a goal, yes. But set your goal and then forget about it. Use the goal to align your actions in the right direction, then focus completely on action. Forget yesterdays accomplishments or tomorrows hopes and dreams and focus on the one action before you.

  • You don’t don’t suffer a lack of ability, but a lack of focus. Every time your thoughts are focused on tomorrow or yesterday, you’re missing out on the only thing you have: the present. The solution to feeling competent again doesn’t lie in obtaining some ideal, but making full use of what is yours right now in the best way you can. Put the blinders on and maximize what’s directly before you in this moment in time.

Forget yesterday. Forget tomorrow. Forget your goals.

Ask yourself: What is most important right now?

Zero in and focus completely on the present action before you.

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