When You Feel Discontent, and You Don’t Know Why

by Rachel Miller

September 2, 2022

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Sometimes you feel in a low mood for no reason. Nothing happened; it’s just a down day. The weather might be off, or you just feel lower energy. Thinking too much about it can get to you: Why do I feel this way? I should feel happy. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. What’s wrong with me?


  • It’s normal not to feel blissful 100% of the time.
    • Happiness is a feeling, and feelings come and go.
    • Feeling this way doesn’t mean you’re not happy or that there’s something wrong with you.
    • Picture this feeling like it’s passing over you, not a part of you. It’s just a sensation. Allow it to pass, and keep focused on what you can control: your perspective and actions.

  • Focus on the familiarity of the feeling:
    • This isn’t new. Recall that you’ve felt this way before without knowing why. It just feels like this sometimes–and it always passes!
    • Remind yourself how often feelings change. Feeling this way now just means that you will be feeling better later.

  • Don’t try to analyze it.
    • What you focus on expands. Focusing on how you feel will only make you feel worse.
    • Don’t try to force yourself to feel better. Allow this feeling to be present and focus on what else is happening around you that you can appreciate.
    • Actively look for what else is true right now, going well, or that you enjoy.


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