When You Feel Tense and Rushed

by Rachel Miller

October 25, 2022

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Sometimes you feel stressed, and you don’t know why. You feel like you need to rush to get things done or you just feel tense. It can feel in these moments like this is “one of those days,” and there’s nothing you can do about it.


  • Notice your thoughts. Notice if they are focused on earlier in your day or what’s happening later. Divert your attention to what you are doing right now.

  • Don’t try to stop the thoughts; just shift your attention to what’s around you.
    • Notice what you see and experience in the environment. See what you can notice that you’ve never seen before.
    • Focus on the smallest details: the paint lines on the road, the sensation of the seat beneath you, the knots in the wood of the furniture, the sensation of walking beneath your feet, the look of the leaves on that particular tree.

  • Some days our thoughts require repeated redirection over and over again. Days like this especially. Each time you experience this tension and pressure and sense of rushing, use this as your cue to bring your thoughts and attention back to what you are experiencing right here and right now.


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