Feel More Energized

by Rachel Miller

September 13, 2022

ABOVE : Kelsey Chance

Sometimes we don’t feel motivated to do the things we have to do or the plans we commit to. We want to be there, but we just want to stay home. We want to see others, but we feel tired, off, and have no energy.


  • Embody the energy you wish you had. Bring the energy that you want to experience and notice how the people around you reflect that same energy back to you. It becomes this reinforcing expansion that grows and grows. Be the extrovert even though you don’t feel like it. Make the first move even when you want others to.

  • Try to bring just a bit more intention and enthusiasm to whatever you have to do today. See if your energy doesn’t shift a small amount in a greater direction. See if your surroundings don’t reflect just a bit more energy back to you. It’s like they always say: the more you give, the more you receive in return. Try it with your energy and see. With whatever you have to do or whomever you have to meet, offer just one notch more than you feel you have in you and see what happens.

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