Feel More Satisfied, More Often (Part 1)

by Rachel Miller

August 9, 2022

ABOVE : Dillon Wanner

Do you ever find it interesting how you can REALLY want something, decide for it, and then when you get it, you are surprisingly unsatisfied? Perhaps, it’s going out for ice cream, or it’s the second glass of wine or sleeping in an extra 5 minutes.


  • Desire is based on PAST rewards. It doesn’t predict future rewards. When you suddenly desire something, you want it because you PERCEIVE it will feel good; you are making an assumption based on a PAST experience where it felt good to do or have that thing. That desire in and of itself does not predict how you will feel 5 minutes from now.

  • The only way to successfully predict how satisfying something will be is to think back to previous times and carefully evaluate the FULL outcome. Think back to how satisfying and unsatisfying it was. How you felt during AND after. We are easily swayed by the immediate desire for something when we only look to the immediate result. Think back to the full outcome, so you can make the decision that MOST satisfies.

  • If you’d like to learn how to apply this to make more satisfying and lasting decisions more often and make them feel effortless, you can learn more here!

  • Stay tuned for Friday, when I will share how to make it easier to choose that “better” choice in the moment of impulse when you are faced with a conflicting want.

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