Gain Courage When You Need it

by Rachel Miller

October 12, 2021

ABOVE : Braden Collum

How do you undertake a challenge when you feel inadequate? How do you move confidently when you doubt? How do you gain courage when you need it most?

You don’t have to feel courageous to experience it–not fully. Just acknowledge and reflect on its existence in others. See, observe, and recognize the proof of courage in others. Consider those who have come before–the greatest demonstrations of bravery in history. The very existence of courage in others means it’s possible for you too.


  • Reflect on someone whom you feel to be the greatest demonstration of courage. Consider how they, too, have felt this way. This exact experience of feeling inadequate, unworthy–that “it’s possible for them, but not me”–is normal. Every person you look up to–every person who inspires you, motivates you–has felt this way.

  • How you feel now, is how people feel right before they conquer something great–something they fear or doubt. This is the normal procession of action: to feel unsure, inferior, and to act anyway. This is courage: to feel fear, and to act anyway.

  • Courage cannot exist without these feelings of fear or doubt. Use this to empower you. This is how it feels–to feel this way before you act. This is what defines courage: acting anyway despite these feelings. Use this to energize you to take action. This is courage.

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