Get Acquainted With Yourself

by Rachel Miller

April 9, 2021

When you have that feeling of low energy or mood, get reacquainted with yourself. Remind yourself that this me is the same one I will be experiencing later today, during my next task, next activity. This me is who will be accompanying me—not a happier, better version of me—this me.

Get acquainted with the experience of yourself: what you feel like, what you think about, what you bring to the present setting. This is exactly what you will be experiencing this weekend, on that holiday—this is you. The same experience of you now is the same one you will be experiencing later today and in the future. Get accustomed to the experience.

Recognize that it’s not the setting that determines your happiness—though that helps—it’s your choice of what you think about, what you dwell on, and how you think. The same goes for the blissful moments—that was you, your choice, your action, and your intent. And you can experience that same you now.  


  • Notice yourself. Notice your thoughts, your energy, what you are bringing to the table. Recognize this feeling—this energy—comes from you alone, not from the circumstances.
  • How can you use yourself in these present circumstances to be happier, more at ease? How can you think differently? How can you create a more desirable experience for yourself, regardless of the present setting or circumstances? Recall when you last felt relaxed or at ease: what was going through your mind at the time? What thoughts, beliefs did you hold? 
  • Remember, you’re only as happy as you are now. You don’t need the weekend to feel more relaxed and at ease—you only need now. You can be relaxed and at ease now.

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