How to Get Better and Achieve More

by Rachel Miller

October 29, 2021

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Instead of examining each other’s seemingly perfect lives, what if we only saw each other’s determination to live better, be better, and strive for more? Instead of comparing ourselves, what if we saw the advantages for us in others’ success. What if we recognized that just being with people who strive to do better, enables us to do better too?

Just like in setting world records. When one athlete beats a record, soon after many more hit that same new record. We see it’s possible, know it’s possible, and so we try it. Then we achieve it. What if that were the same for happiness? For a fulfilled life, successful marriage, desired goal? That it is possible. That we can live happy, fulfilled lives.

If we all did what we do best, wouldn’t that be better for everyone? If we genuinely did what made us feel most energized, most excited, most fulfilled, wouldn’t we all benefit in return? Like positive peer pressure–subconscious bar-raising to a new, better “normal.” What if we collectively created a new normal?


  • The world is not served by your playing small. Aim higher. Bigger. Do it for yourself and others will benefit too.

  • Keep your head down and do what works, what you know is best for you. Do what you love. What brings you most joy.

  • Don’t worry about the others. Don’t worry about what they think, or say, or what it “looks” like. Just do what you need, what you know you need to be your best self. Everyone benefits when you bring your best to the table.

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