A Simple Way to Grow Without Trying

by Rachel Miller

November 30, 2021

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When you want to grow and improve, it can feel hard to keep up that level of motivation day in and day out. Life gets in the way. Things happen. Next thing you know, it falls by the wayside. Other needs, thoughts take its place. But, deep down, that desire still remains. You still want to get better. You want to be proud of your efforts. You want to live up to the best you have to offer.

Is there a way to get better with less effort? To grow without trying?


  • We become what we consume. Visually, mentally—whatever you consume, sinks in. Whether you sense it or not—the normalcy sinks in. It becomes a part of us. Use this to your advantage!

  • Observe what you are consuming. Media, books, entertainment, people—engross your mind and surround yourself with whatever you are desiring to become. Ask yourself:
    • Does this person or thing inspire me to be a better version of myself?
    • Does this align with my values? Goals?
    • Does this remind me of the person I want to become? The life I want?

  • Limit what doesn’t make you want to be better. Consume more of what does. Aim higher, bigger, than your present norm and you will grow to adapt and mirror the surroundings you place yourself in. You will make it easier to grow into the person you desire to become.

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