Guard Against Negativity

by Rachel Miller

June 10, 2022

ABOVE : Mojtaba Mosayebzadeh

When surrounded by negative energy, it’s hard not to feel in a low mood yourself. How do you prevent it from affecting you?


  • What you see is all there is. Whatever you’re focusing on is what you will continue to see more of.
    • What are you paying attention to?
    • What are you focusing on?
    • What thoughts are you dwelling on?

  • Choose to look for what you want to see: generosity, hope, good energy. What you choose to see is what you will see more of. You’re not ignoring the present challenge of the situation; you’re choosing to focus on what also exists besides this undesired circumstance or feeling. Where there is a negative, there is always an opposite positive lingering in the background. Look for it!

  • Guard your eyes and perspective. Continually ask yourself:
    • What are you seeing? What you see is all there is.
    • What do you want to see? Look for those things you want to see, and focus on those things instead.

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