How to Enjoy Waiting

by Rachel Miller

May 24, 2022


We’re going to have to wait from time to time. It’s inevitable. It’s easy to get annoyed and frustrated when we have to be somewhere–it’s hard to wait sometimes! Is there a way to make it more bearable?

Try This:

  • Consider what advantage this has for you right now. Perhaps, just to practice waiting calmly. To practice just being here, in body and mind. Perhaps, it’s having more time to enjoy an audiobook or podcast. There is always something that can work to your advantage. Find it! You will always find something when you look for it.

  • Occupy your thoughts with things you are experiencing now–not on the things to come or the things you have to do, or what happened yesterday–just what is happening now. Look for things you’ve never noticed before. Pay attention to the details:
    • Those subtle movements you never noticed before, the tendency to move in a certain way
    • Notice your posture, the slight tension you hold in your shoulders
    • Notice the details you see in your surroundings
    • Look intently and see what you observe and feel when you simply pay attention.

  • Use this time to rest from planning and mentally sorting all the things on your mind. Think: Great! Here is an opportunity to rest so I can arrive at my next destination, next demand, calm, relaxed and ready to take on whatever is before me.

  • Consider what you can do. This situation is out of your control. All you can do is choose to wait calmly; choose to look for the hidden opportunity and take advantage of it, no matter the situation.

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