When You Fear You Don’t Have Enough

by Rachel Miller

August 19, 2022

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In times of need, it’s hard to give abundantly. When we feel like we don’t have enough time, energy, and money, it’s easy to hold back from attending that event, doing that thing, and offering our help. We’re tired, stressed, and financially strained. It’s natural to try to conserve what little we feel we have to offer.


  • The only thing holding you back right now, is fear. Not the need itself.
    • Yes, there is a need, but the fear is holding you back.
    • You’re afraid you won’t have enough or that you will run out.
    • Fear is not based on facts. It’s a worry because of the unknown.

  • Remind yourself that you always have enough.
    • You’ve been doing fine all this time, and you’ll get through this time now. Just like you always do.

  • Face your fear and prove it wrong.
    • Give anyway. Your fear is not founded on facts but on a perception of lack.
    • You feel you don’t have enough, so you hold back. Change that perception through giving.

  • Give more to yourself and others.
    • If you fear you don’t have enough time, give more time to yourself:
      • 5 minutes here and 2 minutes there to relax and breathe between tasks.
      • Actively not rush. Test out for yourself and see if you really do waste time when you move consciously and deliberately instead of rushing.
    • Give more time to others:
      • Provide help where you can. Do a little more than you feel comfortable, go one step further and stretch beyond what you feel you are capable of.
      • Analyze what you can offer and give that freely.

  • Remember the ancient law: the more you give, the more you receive.
    • You can only lack what you are not giving yourself.
    • The more you give, the more you ingrain the belief that you have enough to give.

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