Exercise: Train Your Attention and Be Happier

by Rachel Miller

July 5, 2022

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It feels restraining to tell yourself “no”–to limit yourself, resist looking at social media, watching TV, or doing what you feel like doing. It feels like restraint. But, is it?

Here’s something to keep in mind when all you want to do is indulge in distractions and entertainment.


  • You don’t need more entertainment but more purposeful engagement.
    • More enjoyable activities will not give you more pleasure, but self-directed behaviour will.
    • More leisure will not fulfill you, but knowing you can confidently choose what you want and follow through, will.

  • Focusing on what you decide rather than what you’re immediately drawn to is freeing. It means you are in the driver’s seat of your behaviours and actions, and nothing is more liberating than that!

  • Choosing activities based on what is most important at that moment is not a sacrifice but actually a joy.
    • It’s deeply satisfying because you know it comes from your own doing. It’s not based on external means, so nothing can take that satisfaction from you.
    • When you choose to focus on what is most important, you can be fulfilled whenever you want. You never have to wait for circumstances to align. You know that you will find fulfillment whenever you want, when you choose to do the most important thing over the immediately interesting thing.

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  1. Edie Jamieson says:

    Loved this! Excellent thoughts. “Chosen Focus is freeing” I needed this today 🤗

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