How to Let Things Go and be Happier

by Rachel Miller

March 4, 2022

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When you find yourself frustrated, wishing things could be different—wishing things would work out more in your favour—how do you let it go? How do you let things roll off your shoulders?


  • Every circumstance, desired or undesired—challenging and annoying—is an opportunity, if you look at it that way. There is always something to gain in every situation–look for it! Ask yourself:

    • What hidden opportunity does this provide? Resist the temptation to view this experience as you usually would—as most people would. What is there in this situation that is actually to my benefit?
    • How can I use this to practice my skills? To practice not caring. To practice accepting and using what is given to me—however undesired that may be—to my full advtantage. To practice looking inward and using my inner resources to make full use of this situation.

  • You never have to endure anything. You always choose your perspective. Don’t wait for circumstances to land in your favour–make them favourable to you by choosing to see it as an opportunity, not a hinderance. Look for the hidden advantage and you will always find it!

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