How to Make Today the Best Day Ever

by Rachel Miller

May 3, 2022

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When we have free time, we ask ourselves, “what do I feel like doing today?” or “what should I do today?” What if we asked a different question instead?


  • What if you looked at your day like an adventure:
    • Ask not what should I do, or what do I want to do, or what do I feel like doing, but:
      • What would make today exceptionally valuable?
      • What will enable me to grow just one small bit more today?
      • What will push me beyond my present state and cause me to evolve?
      • What do I not feel like doing, but would maximize the value, the growth potential I receive from this day?
    • Look at the options available to you. It’s in the delicate area where you don’t “have” to and “it’s not bad” to do otherwise—it’s in these choices that you demonstrate change, that you set yourself apart from the you of yesterday and stretch closer to the person you want to become.

  • Treat it like a game:
    • View it as a playful challenge. Ask yourself:
      • Let’s see what I can do
      • Let’s see what will happen if…
      • I wonder what would happen if…
    • Games are voluntary. You don’t have to participate. No one will blame you if you don’t. It’s objective is to have fun–and you determine that. You decide if it’s fun or not. Intend to have fun doing it, and you will!


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