When You Mess Up

by Rachel Miller

August 2, 2022

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When you make a mistake, it sucks. It’s easy to be angry with yourself. You know you can do better.


  • No one acts with the intent to be wrong. You acted with the best intention, and it didn’t work out. That’s OK. Things rarely work out as you plan.

  • This situation isn’t bad. The “wrong” decisions and the mess-ups are just as essential, if not more, than the right choices.
    • Reflect on how you can use this to get better.
    • Use this to recalibrate and refine your approach.
    • Make note of what not to do and what doesn’t work so that you can choose a better action next time.

  • Be understanding of yourself just like you would another person in the same situation.
    • Give yourself acceptance to reflect on past actions. Just like with others, you can only be open to learning when you know you won’t be judged.
    • Accept the situation. Allow yourself to reflect on what happened without judging what you did as “good” or “bad.”
    • Get curious! What worked? What didn’t work? Use this to learn how to respond better next time.

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