How to Stay Calm

by Rachel Miller

January 24, 2023

ABOVE : Chandri Anggara

When everyone around you is stressed, how do you stay calm? Here’s one way to prevent the circumstances, people, and things around you to affect how you feel.


  • Nothing can touch your mind without your permission.
    • The negativity around you can only affect you is you allow it.
    • Focus on what you can do: listen to it, participate in it, or actively remind yourself of what is true and what else is possible.

  • Try to impress on your surroundings, instead of the other way around.
    • Think of it like being an offence player, instead of the defence.
    • Actively put out your energy and focus on the best possibilities of a situation.

  • Equip yourself by immersing yourself in material that is positive and reminds you of your best.
    • You focus on what you think about, and what you think determines what you feel.
    • Proactively feed your mind material that will help you to stay focused and feel your best, despite the circumstances you might find yourself in.


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  1. EDIE JAMIESON says:

    Very timely! Thank you for the encouraging advice

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