Make Change a Little Easier

by Rachel Miller

June 24, 2022

ABOVE : Marlon Alves

Change is uncomfortable. We feel out of control. Off-balance. We don’t know what we’re doing. It’s new territory. We’re desperately uncomfortable. We want to cleave to what we know, what has been working all along (or so we think).


  • What you’ve been doing up until this point only feels like it’s been working because it’s familiar, predictable, and comfortable. You don’t know anything else, any other way of doing things. Any new change will feel that way too–eventually.

  • Get curious. Get excited about the prospect of how this feeling now—this thing that’s new, scary, foreign—will someday feel just as comfortable as the present thing, the old way of doing things. What will you discover? Learn? Delve deep into the possibilities.

  • Remind yourself: it’s going to be deeply uncomfortable for a while. But you will adjust. Trust the process. Take the risk. Who knows, in 3 months’ time you may look back and wonder how you did this any other way before all this time? You may be amazed at how you functioned any other way than how you are now.

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