Make it Easier to do What You Need

by Rachel Miller

July 15, 2022

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When you have multiple responsibilities and demands before you, it can be exhausting. At the end of a long day, all you want to do is go to bed. We know preparation will make tomorrow easier, but it’s hard! It’s often the last thing you feel like doing–especially at the end of a weekend or vacation. How do you get yourself to do what needs to be done?


  • Think about yourself tomorrow. What it will feel like to wake up tomorrow morning? Picture what it will feel like to fill that coffee maker, make your lunch. What will you definitely not feel like doing in the morning? What is one small thing that you could do now that will make tomorrow easier?

  • Think of it as helping yourself out, like a parent for a child. What would a parent do? Thoughtful gestures: preparing your meals for the week, filling up your gas tank, organizing your desk. It’s easy when you’re tired to only focus on today, but think about how grateful you will be tomorrow to wake up to those small preparations already done for you.

  • You never know what tomorrow may bring! Today is hard, tomorrow will have it’s challenges too. Remind yourself that even though you’re exhausted, you’re going to rest soon. Do one small thing that you won’t feel like doing tomorrow to make it easier to do your best in everything you need tomorrow.

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